Our Dream

VR is a brand new way to tell stories; storytelling in VR is completely different from what we have seen before.

In order to make the magic really happen, you need more then ever to blend together technology and creativity. VR is the new frontier, it is the new promised land where new ideas and new stories are waiting to be told.

We are glad we have been pioneers in this unexplored territory and we have many more stories to tell!


Our previous VR stories

We are continuously working at new VR projects. We released a few titles in the past years, but remember: the best is yet to come! 


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Our Team

We are a small indie studio based in Amsterdam. The team is made of different types of ninjas: 3D software developers, sound engineers, designers and musicians. Our identity is secret!


Help us!

We are currently looking for sponsors, VC and partners. We have some crazy idea you may be interested in! If you think you are ready for it, please contact us here