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Tropical Dream


Tropical Dream is a VR Mindfulness relaxation experience.

Focus on the sounds around you, let the nature and the sunlight transport your mind in a different place!

Imagine yourself in a tropical paradise, swimming in the water, enjoying the experience alone, in single player mode, or with your friends.

This is exactly what Tropical Dream VR is: the first social network where users talk to each other while having fun in the ocean!

A beautiful girl will be with you all the time. She is Jasmine!13417000_1725756034365922_5995041025026712186_o

You can swim together, sit with her on the beach and play with a funny lovebird. Or you can just wait for the sunrise in front of a bonfire with her, while listening the distant sounds of the ocean.

All the nature sounds have been recorded onsite: the ocean waves, the dolphins, the seagulls… everything around you is 100% authentic.


Available Now!


Available Now!


It will take just a few minutes to disconnect from your worries and enter a state of deep relaxation!


We recommend you to enjoy this app using headphones and a high quality VR Headset