Creating something new is a privilege that just few people can experience during their life.

We all have ideas, great ideas, I know, but just some of us really work hard on these ideas to make them real. The reason why almost everybody does not even try is probably the failure rate. It is very high, so damn high that makes the whole “create something new” business too risky.

It is so difficult! There are so many uncertainties, so many leaps of faith. You will doubt about yourself  and your assumptions almost every day!

Most of you have been there, I know! It is the struggle! Still you keep doing it, each time learning more about the process and about yourself. And it is damn fun! If you are not Elon Musk or Mark Zuckerberg, fun is the only reason why you still keep trying creating something new. You keep doing it like an addict, you love it, you need it!

Why this blog:

Back in the days every capitan of a boat or every explorer had a diary. They needed it to write down all about their findings, their incredible discoveries. A diary, a journal was always there to let everybody know about their great gestures, their new discoveries: humanity deserves to know what happened, in case of success or in case of failure (failing meant usually dying). With their stories they have inspired entire generations!

Imagine now if Elon Musk, Marc Andreessen or any other great innovator started such a diary about their projects. Imagine to be able to read how they did it, what is their personal way to struggle, iteration after iteration. Would it be interesting for you?

We should learn from our mistakes too: it is a waste to repeat someone else’s mistakes. In the long term almost 90% startups fails and disappears from the market. Learning from these mistakes is important too.

The goal of this blog is to check whether there is interest in a platform where innovators can write about their past or current projects. A platform where you can describe the status of a project by using the same framework and a common language.

My best guess is that a sort of Facebook for Innovators could speed up the cycle that will bring to the next process/product revolution by a factor of 2 or 3.

This blog is the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) for the “Facebook for Innovator” platform.

I will write here about my next project: the evolution from the original idea to a final product.

I will have fun doing it and I will really enjoy writing down a diary like an old fashioned explorer talking the language of a modern product developer!

You can join this experiment by writing comments, sharing this page and providing feedback. Reply to the call for action I will publish in the next weeks!

BTW, the name of the product I will talk about is Incredigoal: a VR app that allows users to create a soccer goal, to enjoy it in VR and to share it with other football lovers. Do not worry if you do not care about soccer, apps or virtual reality; here we want to discuss just about the process, not about soccer 🙂


Stage 1# – The Idea

The following list is a way to provide the basic information about new project, either if it is an idea or a product ready to be published.

Project name: IncrediGoal
Project description: VR app allowing users to create a soccer goal, to enjoy it in VR and to share it with other football lovers
Process used for product development: Lean product development
Leap of Faith #1: Users will download the app because they are attracted by the store listing
Leap of Faith #2: Users will create their own goals with the editor, inspired by real goals (famous or personal)
Leap of Faith #3: Users will enjoy the goal animation created by playing it in normal mode or in VR mode.
Leap of Faith #4: Users will share the animated gif of the goal with their friends
Platforms: Android, iOS
Business model: in-app purchases
Tags: #goaleditor, #virtualreality, #soccer
Innovative Idea (from 1 to 10): 7


Stage 2# – The MVP

Coming Soon…

(Please write in the comments what you think. How would you add, remove or rename the fields I use to describe the project in its early stage? What do you think about the need to have a sort of Facebook for innovators? Feel free to write whatever you like, please join me in this experiment 🙂 )


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