Weeping Angels Contest

We are looking for cool ideas for our upcoming Weeping Angels VR game; if you are an expert in the Doctor Who universe and if you have a creative talent, send us your suggestions about crazy locations and stories!

We will choose the best ideas and we will build some of the game levels out of it. Your name will be quoted in the credits section!

The plot  has to be in line with the theme of the game which is based on Weeping Angels, Cracks in time and space and travels across dimensions.


Weeping Angels VR is not associated, approved, endorsed or affiliated to the BBC or to  the “Doctor Who” in any way.

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Sample Story:

In your story  you have to describe the setting (which planet, place, time), the reason why your character ends up there, and what is the threat you will be facing.

e.g. You have been summoned in a school in Japan; a young girl needs your help because something strange is happening over there. You find out there is a crack in a corridor of the school, that is linking our world with another universe, with strange creatures passing thru the crack into our universe. As usual, you have to fix the crack in order to save the whole planet…